Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beth Luca » » Do You Trust Your GPS?

I wanted to share this link... This is my friend Beth Luca! When I read this the other day it really moved me! It touched my heart and really hit way to close to home. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Beth Luca » » Do You Trust Your GPS?

Do You Trust Your GPS?

I’ve been spending a lot of time in New Orleans lately. If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you know it’s not the easiest city to get around in so my GPS has become my best friend. I was driving down I-10 the other day following the GPS’ directions to a “T” when Karen, my Australian Garmin Guide told me to take an exit that to me looked wrong. I decided to trust her anyway and take the exit. Immediately I could see the end of the road it asked me to turn down and it appeared to just end. I had no clue where I was supposed to go after that and from what I could see, there was no left or right turn, just a dead end. I immediately started nervously fumbling with the GPS as I was trying to push the zoom out button to see the bigger map and confirm that I was indeed on a road to nowhere running straight for one of those big white concrete road dividers. Just then though, Karen spoke up in her cute Aussie accent and said turn left on (and I can’t remember the road). And at that moment I saw a little cutaway just to the left of me that turned off the road to nowhere and lead me straight where I needed to go. I couldn’t help but laugh in that moment as I drew the parallel between my GPS and God’s way of guiding and directing my life.
My husband and I have been in this season of life for a while now where we have been forced to follow God like we follow Karen, one turn at a time. There are times when the road ahead looks dead and we think we’re about to run into one of those big white concrete road dividers and we ask God where the zoom out button is so we can see where He is taking us. We want to see the big picture, where this road leads. I’ve heard someone say before, God’s Word is like a lamp unto our feet, not a floodlight. Aren’t we all too often looking for a floodlight when God is just asking us to trust that He will shine the lamp on the next step as we approach it?
He always does, even when it doesn’t look like He will. And don’t worry, if you are like me and occasionally take a wrong turn despite what the GPS says, God knew that you’d take that turn and His plan includes that all too familiar GPS phrase, “recalculating”. It may add a few extra steps and take a little longer to get to the destination but in the end He will guide you if you trust Him.
I’m praying for all those in that place today and that you will find peace as you trust Him in the uncertainty knowing that He will shine the light on your path at just the right time so that you will know which path to take.

~ Beth Luca

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