Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Addicted to POAS!

Brad and I drove home from Austin on Thursday, and Hayden was out of school on Friday so I took him shopping with me!  (Had to bribe him with an ICEE, but he agreed)  We were on a mission... to buy home pregnancy tests (hpt)!  First stop Dollar Tree, why you ask?  Cause they are only a dollar! haha!  So I bought 5 tests, figured I could use those to practice peeing...cause practice makes perfect, right?  Our next stop was Target to pick up a few of the more expensive ones for when the time was right!  I bought an UP brand (generic for e.p.t.) which had 2 test and a Clearblue Easy Digital (the ones that say "pregnant" "not pregnant") because I thought they were neat and cool and they didn't have this technology when I was pregnant with Hayden!  Anyway, I had to pee while I was at Target so I figured, no time like the present to start practicing, right?  So into the bathroom I go with my $1 DT hpt, ripped it open did the deed!  Needless to say... Negative!  After purchasing the hpts, some shampoo and an Icee at Target we were off to the house!  Later that evening I had the urge to pee again and guess what happens next... negative result again.  Not to worry though, it is still way to early to get a positive result and they are only $1anyway.  The next morning I woke up and figured I would try the UP brand since it was the first morning urine (fmu)!  Neg again! I do notice though that this peeing on a stick thing is becoming very ADDICTIVE!  I get on the Internet to find out what test out there is the best and all fingers point to First Response Early Result (FRER), so off to the store we go again, and purchase a three pack... just in case I need extras.  Seven o'clock on Saturday night I figured I would try out the FRER.  Are my eyes playing tricks on me???  Do I see something or am I making my eyes see something?  I pull the results out of the casing and turn it in every which direction trying to decipher if it WAS a line or not!  I was driving my self crazy so I put it away!  5:30 the next morning (Sunday) my eyes pop open, I have to pee!  Well this "Peeing On A Stick" (POAS) Addict surely wasn't going to let this FMU go to waste, so I break out another FRER test and pee away!  Once again I think I "see" a line!  Heart pounding I go back to bed and think "I will just get Brad to look at it when he gets up!"  After doing numerous breathing exercises to get my heart to stop pumping I finally fell back asleep!  8:30 rolls around and I get Brad to look at the test and guess what she sees...... TWO LINES!!!  I AM PREGNANT!  OMG! I'M PREGNANT!   I am going to make Tara and George parents! Finally!  I couldn't even think straight!  I thought, I have to call Tara, but Brad said that I should at least wait until later in the afternoon and take another test before I called her.  I told him he was right I should wait cause I would hate to disappoint her, and as soon as he walked out of the room I picked up my phone and called her! lol!  NO ANSWER!  How could she not answer in a time like this.  I sit at my vanity trying to put my make up on and I couldn't even do that, I just needed to talk to Tara!  There was no way I was going to be able to get through the day without telling her.  Few mins later (which felt like hours) the phone rang and it was her. I started by saying I had some bad new, good news, and some really good news!  Naturally she wanted the really good news first but she was going to have to wait!  I told her the bad news was that I spent $35 on hpt's! (**Don't tell Brad I spent that much!)  The good news was that I took a test last night and I "thought" I saw two lines, and the great news was that I took another test this morning and I "DID" see two lines!  She was ECSTATIC!  After hanging up I was able to finish getting dressed and we headed to NOLA for the day, to catch a parade with two hpt's in tow!  You didn't think that addiction stopped with a positive, did you?  As soon as we made it to the parade route I had to pee again!  Closest restroom was a Popeyes with a line a mile long, and yes I stood in it and yes I held up the line while I took another test!  hehe!  This time there was no doubt, double lines! WHOO FREAKING HOO! After a long day in NOLA with family we made it back home and guess what? (In a gitty voice and rubbing hands together) I still had 3 DT tests and a Digital one!  So guess which one I took next... the fun one!  It was time to see that fabulous word!  "Pregnant"  and that is exactly what we saw!  So are you wondering what happened to the extra 3 DT test! Don't worry Brad would kill me if I wasted so I did what I do best...pee on them too and they all were positive!  I just want to see the lines get darker over the days!  What can I say, my name is Lisa, and I am ADDICTED TO PEEING ON A STICK!

P.S. We have our blood test tomorrow to confirm out findings, and I don't think that will be a problem!


  1. And THIS Addict to peeing on a stick is my life
    Long BFF always! No matter how far apart we are!
    I love ya crazy self!

  2. Awe melissa you are such a sweetheart! You are my bff! I miss you so much! I can't wait to get to corpus christie this summer!