Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm NOT crazy! LOL!

Well, Brad and I just got back from Austin yesterday. In my five day visit, I had psych evaluations, counseling sessions, girlie tests, and blood work. WHEW! So, after a 562 question psych test, I get to be the first to say to all of you who thought other wise... I am NOT crazy. YaY!

Bringing you back to the Wednesday we left, I had a friend ask me if i was nervous. At that point I had a lot going on with getting the kids ready for the babysitters, so I didn't have time to be nervous or excited for that matter. We were a little late (okay a lot late) leaving Hattiesburg, so I guess that is when I became a little anxious. I thought for sure we were going to miss our flight. All was fine and we made it no problem. Once arriving in Austin, I was glad we decided not to check our bags, b/c I couldn't get out of the airport fast enough, to see Tara and George. Brad and I decided to stay at their house instead of getting a hotel, and never did I feel that things would be awkward or uncomfortable. We arrived at their house, had dinner and great conversation.

The next morning was my psych evaluation. This appointment was for me, so Tara dropped me off. I was beginning to feel a bit nervous at this point. I didn't know what to expect, and a lot weighed on this portion of the trip. I had a hour evaluation with the psychiatrist. She inquired about my childhood to my intentions and everything in between. Then came the 562 question True/False test. My goodness I thought I would never finish! That afternoon we all had to come back for a counseling session with all four of us in attendance. She informed me that she reviewed my test and that I was boring. Wow, boring? I would have never thought of myself as boring, but in the psych world, boring is good! YAY! I passed! LOL! Anyway, the counseling session was really just to make sure we ALL were reading from the same book, and on the same paragraph. So I guess, in a way, we all passed! YAY again!

Friday was the day I was really anticipating. We had an appointment with the fertility clinic. I was anxious but calm all at the same time. I had my ultrasound and girlie test and then we all got to sit down with the nurse and go over the whole process. Wow, I thought, things are starting to become so real. After our appointment at the clinic, Brad, Tara and I had to get our blood work done. Not my favorite part of the trip. I hate giving blood. It make me queezy! Yuck! As I write this I chuckle, as I think back to all the shots I have to give myself and the ones Brad has to give me. This is gonna be FUN! Anyway! After they took a total of 15 viles of blood from the three of us, it was time to eat! Now that all of our tests were out of the way, the next day and a half were spent getting to know each other better. We cooked together, laughed together and even spent all day Saturday laying on the couch in pj's together.

Sunday morning came bright and early, time to go home! I was sad to leave and wished we could have stayed longer. Lots of emotions, and feelings went into and came out of this trip. We know that we are always welcome in the Silvio house and we will be going back before we know it.

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