Monday, January 4, 2010

Ding... You've Got Mail!

Is emotional roller coaster a good fit?
Tara and I have been on the same page from pretty much the beginning, so when I received my contract from Tara & George's lawyer about a month ago I thought, like everything else, this is going to be smooth sailing. So I soon sent it to my attorney for review and since have been anxiously awaiting a reply. Today, to my surprise, I had received an email response from my attorney. Yeahhh, I thought, a few minor things that need to be changed and off to Austin we will go. NOT! It was full of red tape...take this out, I don't like that, DO NOT SIGN THIS and last but not least, Walk Away Fast! Wow, I wasn't expecting that. At first I was a little freaked out, not to the point of walking away, but in a way that I wasn't expecting it to be as bad as my attorney was making it out to be. Then I sat back and realized this is just one of those little speed bumps we will encounter on this untraveled journey. I mean this whole process isn't about legal mumbo jumbo! It is about the BIG picture! I called Tara and the sound of her voice reminded me that the contract was just a piece of paper and that at this point I don't really even care what that contract does or does not state. Well, after speaking to Tara, and her speaking to her lawyer, we have ironed out most of the red tape and I think we are back on track. At this point I feel in my heart that this is what I am supposed to do, and there isn't enough red tape in the world for me to walk away now! So needless to say, today I have taken a ride on the emotional roller coaster. I have laughed, cried and was even a little freaked out. I know this won't be my last ride, but I know that in the end it will all be worth it!!!! Lisa

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